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M2M, IoT, IT and technologies – this is, where we are at home

Digital Consulting Experts are specialized on technology and b2b marketsrgeted lead generation

High-value technology content = lead generation + reputation

B2B Content Marketing

Increase your Sales Success and your Reputation with B2B and Tech Content Marketing

You are eager to attract more customers and clients and want to increase your reputation? To be positioned as competent provider at your target groups is important to you? Even perhaps as opinion leader, mastermind or thought leader? Then you need something totally different than commercial catch phrases, but targeted content that translates your technologies for your defined target groups in the right format and channel. Content that hits the mark. Ask the Digital Consulting Experts.

Boost the coverage at your target groups with more efficiency

We have been at home in the ICT and high-tech world for many years, are familiar with latest technologies and well-versed in translating them for the different target groups. We have achieved high reputation and significant sales growth for well-known ICT and technology companies in Europe.

Why can the Digital Consulting Experts make it happen? Because we know all about your markets and your technologies. We have walked in your shoes. And especially for your target groups we have mastered more than 1,700 strategy, business development, marketing and communications projects in the last 15 years. For technology icons and innovative start-ups with a proven track record.

The Digital Consulting Experts create high-quality content. To the point and targeted – highly professional, clear, tapping the pulse of your target groups:

  • Websites
  • Expert communities and forums
  • Mailings and Emailings
  • Newsletter
  • Social networks
  • Webinars
  • Web conferences
  • Presentations
  • Press releases
  • Expert articles
  • Whitepaper
  • Brochures

You are looking for a fundamental solution? In this case the Digital Consulting Experts develop a tailored and sustainable content marketing strategy for you!

  • Content messaging
  • Content sourcing
  • Content management
  • Content engagement