Digital Consulting Experts provide +1,700 projects + >15 years of technology markets intelligence

Your benefit: 1,700 projects & 15+ years of market research, strategies and implementation

Digital Consulting Experts: expert agency for m2m, IoT, IT and technologies

M2M, IoT, IT and technologies – this is, where we are at home

Digital Consulting Experts provide market intelligence for b2b and technology companies in Europe

Your experts for the European technology markets

The Digital Consulting Experts are specialists in business development strategies

We are your THINK TANK for your strategies

Digital Consulting Experts: marketing and sales strategies from technology markets experts

We deliver marketing strategies with sales impact

Digital Consulting Experts: Strategies to the point!

We know exactly, what’s on decision makers‘ minds

Digital Consulting Experts are specialized on technology and b2b marketsrgeted lead generation

High-value technology content = lead generation + reputation

MarComSo: m2m, IoT, IT and technology marketing with passion

We live latest technologies

B2B Marketing

We strengthen your position in the B2B Markets

We are at home in the B2B markets and know all about the product, plant, solution and supplier business. The Digital Consulting Experts for B2B marketing, social media, public relations and event management put you at the spearhead of competition, using outstanding strategic know-how and implementation best practices. Based on long-term B2B experience and marketing and communication roles, we are familiar with your markets, your business needs and processes. We are at the cutting edge of latest market, sales and marketing trends and provide measurable value to your company’s success track.

We speak your language – and the language of your clients

We have an in-depth insight about what’s on the minds of decision makers and consumers in the technology and key industries and know all about the hottest market trends. We „translate“ almost very complex products, services and technological innovations into the exact answer to the business demands of your customers. We position you distinctively, competitively and uniquely in the market, in the media, in public. This is not least because we are working for world-leading companies.

For your competitive edge on the market:
We are up-to-date with B2B market and marketing trends

The B2B market environment is as challenging, complex and volatile than never before. Decision processes, co-operations, takeovers are taking place faster and in a new way. More and more, complexity, internationality, velocity and digitalization determine the daily business. Parallel to this, the B2B touchpoints expand from industry fairs, personal contacts and dialogue marketing to social media and mobile solutions. To master this challenge, the Digital Consulting Experts support you with market analysis, competitive analysis, go-to-market strategies, market positioning and brand strategies. Up-to-date marketing tools such as social media marketing, marketing intelligence, demand generation, marketing automation and sophisticated CRM-systems are familiar to us.

Our industry focus in the B2B markets

Aerospace – automotive – biotech – clean-tech – consulting firms – engineering – environmental technology healthcare / e-health – high-tech – ICT – industry-related services – life sciences – logistics – M2M – IoT – medical technology and devices – production – renewables / utilities – technology

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