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Digital Consulting for B2B Technology and Industrial Companies:

Digital Technology and Digital Transformation – B2B Market Research – B2B Strategies – B2B Marketing – B2B Content

Benefit from 15+ years best practices out of more than 1,700 projects in leading b2b technology and industrial companies:

  • Experienced consulting and support in digital transformation and the digitization of processes: b2b strategy – implementation – coaching, everything from a single source. We are at your side as your digital coach and experienced change manager.
  • Meaningful b2b market research: a sound foundation for strategic decisions.
  • Forward-looking b2b strategies: digital business models and processes, digital transformation, business development, sales and marketing
  • Digital and classic b2b marketing (omnichannel): with proven sales success
  • Value-added b2b content:  for a consistent customer journey, lead generation and branding

At your service: We, the Digital Consulting Experts, are engineers, market experts and change managers. For over 15 years we have always been at the forefront of latest technologies: IoT, M2M, sensors, platforms, robotics, AR / VR, cloud, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), smart factory or digital healthcare. We consult and accompany companies as digital coaches in the introduction of disruptive, digital business models and agile business processes. Together with our customers we work on the digital future of Europe.

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B2B, go Digital! Digitalization and digital transformation accompanied by experts step by step

You are aware of the significance of digital transformation and you are thinking about innovative, digital business models? You want to take the first steps in the digital transformation or want to digitize sub-processes, e.g. the distribution? It does not always have to be company-wide, digital sub-processes often make more sense – and every b2b company is different. Get the most out of digital opportunities with our engineers, market experts, business process professionals and digital coaches. Take advantage of the full potential of digital technologies and processes. Leverage our b2b experience like Oracle, Deutsche Bahn, Cap Gemini, Deutsche Telekom.

We, the Digital Consulting Experts, guide you efficiently, smartly and purposefully into and through digital transformation. Together with you, we develop sustainable digital b2b strategies, use design thinking, scrum and agile methods and accompany you as a proven change manager.

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B2B market research and trend analysis on expert level

Leave the foundation for your b2b strategies true market and technology experts. Benefit from our more than 15 years of industry experience and cutting-edge market and technology knowledge: We incorporate this market intelligence into market and competition analyzes. Global b2b corporations, medium-sized companies and innovative start-ups rely on our expertise and build on our strategies.

Based on our b2b market intelligence, we show you the strengths and weaknesses of your competition in detail, identify market trends as well as the potential for new products and customer groups at an early stage, and analyze and evaluate technological, digital and economic trends: a sound, forward-looking decision-making basis for your corporate strategy.

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Digital business models, business development, marketing and sales strategies for b2b

Strategies are a topic for professionals: the Digital Consulting Experts team has helped design the very first M2M projects with strategies as well as almost all of the IT milestones of the past 15 years. Let experts work for you who come from technology companies themselves, have walked in your shoes and are marketing professionals with an engineering and technical background at the same time. That’s why we speak the language of your engineers, technicians and developers as well as the language of your customers.

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B2B Omnichannel marketing and b2b content

Only the best should be good enough for you. Our Digital Consulting Experts team has already implemented more than 1,000 marketing and communications b2b projects with classic, digital and social measures for leading industrial companies and technology icons – with proven sales success.

Strong implementation skills in b2b marketing, b2b communication and b2b content: with enthusiasm for your topics, great experience in your market, great creativity in every detail and best practices for “pin-point landings”. Digital and classic. Success control included. The result: Targeted SEO, high conversion rates, fast, sustained lead generation, the best possible customer experience along a consistent customer journey, strong brands and sustainable image / reputation management.

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Your Digital Consulting B2B Experts

Your Digital Consulting Experts team specializes in digital technologies, digitization and digital transformation in B2B:

  • 15+ years consulting and implementation for leading technology companies
  • At home in digital technologies
  • Best practises out of 1,700 projects for leading B2B companies
  • Team of engineers, market experts, marketing professionals and change managers
  • Experts for bridging classic b2b companies to the all-digital world
  • Precise knowledge of b2b customer requirements
  • Experienced in international high-tech companies: business development, sales, marketing, change management
  • Built-up brands and image of icons in the ICT world

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