MarComSo provides +1,700 projects + >15 years of technology markets intelligence

Your benefit: 1,700 projects & 15+ years of market research, strategies and implementation

MarComSo: expert agency for m2m, IoT, IT and technologies

M2M, IoT, IT and technologies – this is, where we are at home

MarComSo is a marketing agency, specialized for the technology markets in Europe

Your experts for the European technology markets

MarComSo is a specialist in business development strategies

We are your THINK TANK for your strategies

MarComSo: marketing and sales strategies from technology markets experts

We deliver marketing strategies with sales impact

We know exactly, what’s on decision makers‘ minds

MarComSo is an expert in creating demanding b2b content for targeted lead generation

High-value technology content = lead generation + reputation

MarComSo: m2m, IoT, IT and technology marketing with passion

We live latest technologies

Your Digital Consulting Experts for M2M, IoT, Technology and ICT Companies + Digital Transformation for B2B Companies.

15+ years best practices out of more than 1,700 projects in your industries:

  • Market intelligence: market research, competitor analysis, digital trend analysis
  • Strategies: digital and transformation strategies, new business models, business development, marketing and sales strategies
  • Marketing: technology marketing, M2M marketing, IoT marketing, IT marketing, classic and digital
  • Content: content creation, content marketing, content strategies
  • Communications: communications strategies and measures, classic and digital
  • Change management: Initiation and support of company-wide change and transformation processes

At your service: Our market intelligence in IoT, M2M, ICT. Our strategic consulting competencies. Our best practices out of 1,700 major European projects for technology companies. And our up-to-date expert know-how about products, markets, customers and upcoming trends in the IoT, M2M, ICT and technology markets.

For almost all of the ICT and IoT/M2M milestones of the last 15 years, we have developed business development, marketing and communications strategies incl. implementation. E.g.:

  • We have achieved a 700 percent growth of pipeline and opportunities for one of the largest software companies within 18 months.
  • We have established an M2M/IoT company in the European markets which achieved revenues in the millions as a result.
  • We developed strategies for one of the first M2M projects like toll-collect.
  • We have reworked the comprehensive service portfolio of one of the leading technology consulting firms of Europe.
  • We have revised the product portfolio of a leading automotive supplier.
  • We’re developing the IoT business of a European telecommunications company.
  • We’re working for the U.S. Trade Administration as experts for the European medical technology markets.

We’re always at the spearhead of latest digital technologies like sensor-based devices, interconnectivity, robotics, big data, cloud or platforms, infrastructure, smart factory, Industry 4.0, smart supply chains or digital health, and we are advising companies in the development and implementation of disruptive business processes, new business models and digital transformation.

Take Advantage of Market Research, Competitor Analysis and Digital Business Models on Expert Level.

The Digital Consulting Experts provide 15+ years market and industry experience in the ICT, M2M, IoT and technology industry, and furthermore up-to-date market intelligence, which is part of our market and competitor analysis for world-leading companies, SMBs and start-up companies in Europe.

Business Development, Marketing and Sales Strategies for M2M, IoT, ICT and Technology Companies.

The Digital Consulting Experts have been involved in the very first M2M-projects, e.g. Toll-Collect, telematic or sensors, as well as in nearly all last 15 years’ ICT milestones.

The team of the Digital Consulting Experts provides an in-depth, long-term experience in the high-tech industries both inside and out and has walked in your shoes. This is why we understand you, your demands, business processes and KPIs in short time and translate these into targeted, successful marketing and sales strategies. We provide a high level of technical understanding based on engineering degrees and have a passion for the targeted marketing of technically sophisticated products. No need for long briefings or inefficient correction loops.

Go Digital! Smart Bridging from Classic to Digital Business with the Digital Consulting Experts.

You are aware of the significance of digital transformation and want to step forward? We are at home in both worlds and are bridging experts. We understand you and your transformation challenges. We are proven experts in taking you from classic to digital in a smart and efficient way, without setbacks. For b2b companies, we develop digital transformation strategies and digital business models, we advise in appropriate technologies, and we are your proven partner in change management processes.

High-Quality Content. Professional Storytelling. For Lead Generation, Sales and Reputation.

Marketing is nothing without content. Content, that matters at exactly that point of the customer journey the prospect, lead or customer finds it. Content that is fascinating, of great use and value. Content, that is answering the questions before they have been asked. And content, that tells a unique story of a company or product to strongly support the reputation.
The target groups of M2M, IoT, ICT and technology industries are all professionals, familiar with complex, sophisticated technologies, products and solutions. Marketing “hot air” is out of place. Only agency know-how is mostly not enough to reach expectations. Never-ending briefings are the result. At the end, marketing or communications departments often decide to create content by themselves.

The Digital Consulting Experts are different: For you as our client, renowned, long-term industry experts with industry AND agency experience, with technical AND marketing background are at work.

Marketing and Communications at its Best – from Classic to Digital.

We have been member of product strategy teams of renowned technology companies, we have been responsible for product innovations, and we have analyzed, restructured and developed entire technology and service portfolios. Furthermore, we have developed hundreds of product strategies, product marketing strategies, go-to-market strategies (GTMs) and new product introductions (NPIs), sales strategies and business plans, and have implemented integrated marketing strategies with traditional, digital and social measures – with significant results.

Market Research. Competitor Analysis. Digital Trend Scouts.

Leading companies benefit from our market intelligence to take basic decisions about their strategic alignment. Gain strategic and competitive insight, especially in case of digital transformation projects!

We are your think tank. Your mastermind. The ghostwriter of your strategies. Based on our market and competitive intelligence we uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, explore new markets or digital business models and build the basis of your strategies.

The Digital Consulting Experts start working for you long before the creative phase, the implementation and even long before the development of strategies. We analyze your markets and competition, recognize market trends, the potential of new products and customers at an early stage, and develop market and competitor analysis as a profound basis for decision-making.

Digital and Transformation Strategies. New Business Models. Marketing Strategies. Sales Strategies.

We are leading companies to success.

The Digital Consulting Experts develop targeted, future-oriented and close-to-market strategies at the interface of business, technologies and markets. Based on in-depth market intelligence and latest marketing tools our strategies lead to demonstrable success.

Whether it comes to a digital transformation, new product launches (NPIs), expansion into new markets or sales strategies for technology innovations – this is where we best know our way around.

Go Digital: Marketing. Communications. Content. Change Management.

They count on us: global player, leading mid-size companies and innovative start-ups of the technology-driven industries.

It's all about walking the walk: The Digital Consulting Experts implement marketing, communications, PR and social media campaigns – in time, on budget, on target. With enthusiasm for your topics, superior creativity and broad experience in precision landings. Monitoring included. We are one of the first agencies which link marketing, communications and social media on a strategic end-to-end level. The result: Future-oriented, close to the market strategies, strong brands, increasing demand generation and a lasting, unique image resp. reputation.

Content is king - and has always been right from our beginning. We defined the wording of tech icons and created cross-channel European-wide content for world-leading technology companies.

You want to make the most of digitalization? We will guide you through change management processes and advice you with digital technology know-how. No matter if you plan to digitalize “only” a process, you want to start a digital lab or like to re-design your business model.

Digital Consulting Experts Intelligence

Benefit from our Assets

Your Digital Consulting Experts, especially for M2M, IoT, ICT, technologies and digital transformation:
  • Always at the forefront of technological innovations, well-connected in Silicon Valley
  • Experts in bridging the analog and digital world
  • At home in Europe’s IoT, M2M, ICT and technology industries
  • 15+ years consulting and implementation for leading technology companies
  • Best practices out of 1,700 major projects
  • Profound know-how of business and customer demands
  • Experience as business development, marketing and communications manager in leading technology companies
  • Team of engineers, specialized journalists, copywriter, marketing and communications experts
  • Built-up brands and image of icons in the ICT world


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