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Go-to-Market Strategies

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Do you want to bring a new product or service onto the market? Or open up new markets? A market launch is always a strategic project that should be carried out systematically step by step in order to be as efficient, effective and successful as possible.

The Digital Consulting Experts have strategically supported a large number of market launches, including Europe-wide introductions of technological milestones. On this basis, we have developed a procedure (best practices) that guides your company safely and cost-efficiently through the go-to-market steps.

Go-to-market strategy: Steps

Even good products or innovative services do not sell themselves. Unlike before digitalization, today’s market is characterized by shortened innovation cycles, the increasing complexity of marketing and sales channels and increased competition.

A professional go-to-market strategy enables companies to bring their new products quickly and profitably to the right target group or to open up new markets in a targeted and efficient manner.

A go-to-market is not the sole task of the sales and marketing department, but rather a cross-departmental project from the start. An integrative process with transparent internal communication and clear responsibilities leads to successful design of go-to-market projects.

Go-to-market in 15 steps:

  • Rough development/sketch product/service idea for existing or new customer groups and markets
  • Define product-market fit and USP of the new product/service or the new market
  • Define ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Prepare market and competition research
  • Set success goals (sales, market share, customer groups, etc.): SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic), KPIs, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • If there is a solid chance of success, only then fine-tune the product/service/market
  • Up from here: Ongoing cross-departmental internal communication about innovations
  • Establish core messages
  • Establish marketing messages
  • Identify customer journey and marketing channels
  • Define product messages
  • Create marketing and sales content for omnichannel marketing along the entire sales funnel
  • Define communication content
  • Create product launch schedule
  • Choose the “going live” time carefully (after that there is no turning back)

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