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Be at the forefront of competition. With targeted marketing campaigns.

Demand generation. Lead generation. Market success.

Leverage social media for your company’s success – it’s much more than just facebook

From visibility to awareness. From interaction to reputation. From lead generation to customer retention.

IoT, M2M, IT & Technology Marketing

We live High-Tech and push you to the Forefront of Competition with Technology Marketing

Do you already know one of the tech-savviest marketing and communications agencies? The agency which provides a deep understanding of your markets and your clients? The agency which markets your products and services as the perfect answer to business demands? The agency which translates your demands into concepts and executes marketing and communications without long briefings? All this are Digital Consulting Experts.

We have an in-depth insight about what’s on the minds of decision makers and consumers in the technology industries and know all about the hottest market trends. We almost translate very complex products, services and technological innovations into the exact answer to the business demands of your clients and expectations of your customers. We position you distinctively, competitively and uniquely in the market, in the media, in public. This is not least because world-leading companies trust in our experience and expertise.

Marketing and communication of technology – this is our world!

The Digital Consulting Experts have a passion for the technology industries and are living high-tech. We are at the forefront of technologies and at the pulse of evolution with our office in Silicon Valley.
Benefit from our experience out of 1.700 projects for ICT-and high-tech clients. Global players, medium-sized companies and innovative start-ups trust in our skills.

We speak the languages of technologies, markets and clients – and know exactly, what’s on decision makers’ minds

As one of the marketing pioneers in high-tech, ICT, M2M and IoT in Europe, the Digital Consulting Experts have been at home in the technology markets since more than 15 years. Digital transformation, industry 40, digital marketing, social media, e-health, cloud computing, mobile, personalized medicine, big data, applied IT, connected car, biotech, clean-tech, medical technology, M2M, e-mobility, engineering, smart supply chains, smart factory, robotics, micro- and nanotechnology – we have been involved right from the start and are up-to-date. This is why we’re advising global and European market leaders.

We are at the cutting edge of ICT topics: We published the first technical paper about grid computing in Germany and the first about SOA. Cloud computing, SaaS, augmented reality, VR and AR, real-time web, RFID, mobility, digital signage, bimodal IT, smart data, smart energy, smart cities, smart home, geospatial, social media – these topics are all familiar to us – and there’s still much more.

We know your needs by own experience

Based on business development, marketing and communication roles in global high-tech companies, we understand you, your demands, business processes and KPIs exactly. Since it was founded in 1997, the Digital Consulting Experts team has successfully implemented more than 1,700 projects for leading technology companies – always on time, on budget, on target.

We use latest technologies and best practices for project management, collaboration and project controlling. You’ll achieve superior results in shortest time and be well-informed at each step of any project.