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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation and the Digital Revolution: Customized for every Company

How can companies capitalize on the advantages of digitization? Today, many decision-makers are asking themselves this very question. When people speak of “digital” companies, they usually mean the few big stars, such as Amazon or Google. In addition, start-ups which go digital from the very beginning have it much easier than the numerous traditional companies, be they SMEs or global corporations. The digital transformation, the introduction of disruptive processes — what does this mean and how can companies embark upon this path without simultaneously having to accept losses in their main business?

One thing is certain: digitization is here to stay.

However, digitization for its own sake makes no sense. Every company is at its own stage of digital development, has its own strategies, goals, and its very own unique business model. Based on their market and digital intelligence, the Digital Consulting Experts work with their clients to conceive customized digitization processes: New technologies enable new business processes, new roles for the company on the market through digital ecosystems, or even completely new business models — for each and every company, there is an appropriate level of digitization.

With competence and experience in digital technologies and methods, the Digital Consulting Experts guide companies on their path towards digital transformation. The Digital Consulting Experts have also repeatedly served as advisers in helping to shape and guide company-wide transformation processes in leading companies such as Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Capgemini, and Oracle. Well-networked in Silicon Valley with their own subsidiary, the Digital Consulting Experts are always on the pulse of the latest technologies and innovative methods, such as design thinking — a creative method that helps develop, try out, and implement business models extremely rapidly.

Experienced in the digital transformation: project examples

Oracle: Helping to design the world’s first digital integrated CRM and marketing platform (CRM plus Marketing Automation). Member of the Oracle taskforce, selected agency for the test operation. Introduction of numerous optimization suggestions. Change management officer to motivate the marketing team to use digital processes.

UTC / Freightwatch International: Responsible for digitizing distribution in Europe. Introduction and adaptation of a CRM solution. In addition, expansion of the digital product portfolio for the European market, e.g. Device for shock event monitoring in real time.

Deutsche Bahn: Co-design and implementation of one of the four phases of the company-wide digital transformation process BKU (office communication company-wide), one of the largest digital transformation processes in Europe. Entry into the project after failure of a large management consultancy. Development of cross-hierarchy communication measures and company-wide change management in order to break up reservations about new technology across the board. Implementation of the measures in close cooperation with the management and the works council. Result: Positive acceptance of digitization and successful roll-out of around 10,000 digital jobs (in final state 2016: 100,000)

Cap Gemini: refocusing the portfolio of Cap Gemini, one of the largest European technology consultancies, taking into account digital trends and digital technologies. Development of the first company-wide digital strategy.

Deutsche Telekom: Development of a new digital business field incorporating existing digital technologies.

DASA / Airbus: Co-design and implementation of the largest company-wide transformation process to date of four traditional companies (MBB, Dornier, MTU, TST) for the new DASA and their integration into the “Integrated Technology Group” Daimler. Cross-hierarchy, enterprise-wide change management programs for all managerial and technical levels, i. for around 62,000 employees. Breaking up the “paralysis” of grown structures, implementing new forms of communication, multi-day selection process and hiring external junior executives as lateral thinkers for the new corporate culture of DASA. In addition, introduction of digital processes in personnel development for the identification of potentials of all management levels (FKEP).

Infinion: Optimization of the digital strategy and the digital lead management and marketing automation process

Debis Systemhaus (T-Systems): Transformation of 40 individual companies into a market-oriented company with a uniform corporate culture and strategy using change management programs.

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