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M2M, IoT, IT and technologies – this is, where we are at home

MarComSo: m2m, IoT, IT and technology marketing with passion

We live latest technologies


Markets are the Start and End Point of all Business

Nothing is more exciting than economics. Even today, in an ever-changing globalized world. We have an abiding enthusiasm for analyzing national and international economic interrelationships and backgrounds and adapting these results for our clients.

We are different and have walked in your shoes

We are one of the very few consultancies and agencies with a marketing and communications manager background and international and global responsibility in world-leading companies such as Oracle, Daimler, Software AG, EADS or Compaq/HP. Furthermore, we have certified engineers in our team. This is, why we’ll understand you right away.

At home in the technology industries — broad knowledge of all technology industries and future markets

The Digital Consulting Experts provides consulting and implementation of market intelligence, business strategies, marketing campaigns and communications projects from a single source. Our industry and management experience covers all key industries with a focus on technology, ICT and high-tech industries.

Familiar with business processes and management

Thanks to its industry and management experience, Digital Consulting Experts understands business processes, KPIs and what makes companies tick. Each concept is the result of a fine-tuned balance between market demands, competition, business goals, technical solutions, and products and services, giving clients a much broader perspective than a consultancy or agency alone can offer.

Cutting-edge expertise

Each project is implemented by the core team and a continually evolving network of proven industry experts and partners. Such teams—with their understanding of the latest technologies, industries, market issues and marketing and communications trends—ensure immediate results for our clients without the need for complex preliminary briefings.

State-of-the-art, smart collaboration tools—working in virtual teams

At Digital Consulting Experts, we use the latest technologies and best practices for project management, collaboration and project controlling. We strive to achieve superior results with the utmost expedience, convenience and affordability. Working in virtual, flexible teams with our clients or as an extended marketing or communications department is what we know best. We are currently working with one of the world’s most sophisticated digital marketing systems, for example, including shared services with full system access for some of our clients.

We live and love latest technologies

We established the first e-business strategy for one of the world’s leading consulting firms. We’ve helped automotive suppliers innovate their portfolio. We published the first technical paper about grid computing in Germany and the first about SOA. We are supporting companies in their transition process to social enterprises. We develop the IoT business of a European ICT company. We are working with one of the world’s leading marketing automation systems. We have broad experience with digital transformation, social media, big data, cloud computing and mobile. We’re experts for medical technology and e-health. And we’re just getting warmed up.