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Successful Digital Transformation with a Digital Coach

Digital Consulting

The Digital Transformation as a Disruptive Process: Technologies — Processes — Employees — Organization

Completely unlike re-engineering and efficiency-increasing processes which have been used to date, disruptive processes require new thinking: In this case, companies re-invent themselves completely or in part. Deciding on the right technologies, redefining business models and processes, and being able to inspire enthusiasm and commitment in all employees and “sweep them along” is one of the biggest challenges that companies will face.

It is crucial to have a plan for the digital revolution!
The Digital Consulting Experts will advise and guide you on the path of digital transformation according to the DCE procedural model:

A) Business models
• Market and competitive analysis as a basis for decision-making
• Pointing out future prospects and business opportunities
• Development of business cases with the use of Silicon Valley methods (e.g. design thinking)
• Compilation of road maps
• Development and roll-out of digital business models with the integration of the aspects of technology, processes, employees, and organisation.

B) Technology:
• Evaluation and advice when selecting IT, M2M, IoT architectures (devices, communications, platforms, connectivity), cloud, big data, and IT security
• Evaluation and advice when selecting digital marketing, CRM, marketing automation, and sales solutions

C) Processes:
Advice and guidance when introducing digital processes in individual areas, e.g.
• Digital services
• Digital logistics
• IoT value chain
• Digital production / smart factory (Industry 4.0)
• Digital supply chain
• Digital marketing and marketing automation
• Digital communications

D) Team, employees, organization:
• Development and implementation of customized change management programs
• Change leader programs
• Organisational development
• Internal communications programs