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Demand generation. Lead generation. Market success.

Leverage social media for your company’s success – it’s much more than just facebook

From visibility to awareness. From interaction to reputation. From lead generation to customer retention.

B2B Digital Marketing

Leverage the Web to Expand Your B2B Business!

Digital marketing success stories often have their origin from the consumer sector, where the scope of marketing and the number of online visitors are crucial.

In ICT, technology and b2b companies a huge volume of website traffic is not the key to success, but to find prospects and opinion leaders by a targeted approach. And to generate website traffic that increases your image, approaches potential clients and customers and builds loyalty among existing customers.

The Digital Consulting Experts provide best practices to support b2b companies in strategically using the internet as sales and reputation channel:

  • We take your target groups onto your website and your social media channels.
  • Our highly competent and experienced seo copywriters create engaging quality content that positions your company with high visibility at your target groups.
  • We build an interactive sales communication.
  • We support you on your success track from visibility to awareness and reputation to lead generation by proven best practices.

Step by step your company will become even more successful.

Benefit from the digital marketing experience of the Digital Consulting Experts:

  • best practices for digital marketing with demand generation, leads and high reputation
  • content marketing with quality content
  • social media marketing
  • keyword analysis
  • b2b search engine optimisation
  • onpage search engine optimization (seo)
  • offpage search engine optimization (seo)
  • display advertising
  • Google adwords
  • LinkedIn ads
  • business networks
  • community building

Social Media Marketing:

Boost your Sales and gain new Customers!

Up to today many agencies define social media marketing as occasionally Google advertising campaigns or facebook company profiles. Besides of all strategic considerations companies also perform some social media because it’s trendy or because the agency has suggested it. For the first steps this might be ok, but the company would not be able to benefit from the full power of social media. Now, what is social media marketing? And what is the full potential of it?

Social media marketing can more than…

Social media marketing can boost your sales, as some agencies will tell you. This is the case, if companies restrict themselves to a one-way-communication without interaction. But there are some good deals more for you. Professionally set up and implemented as part of your social media strategy, social media marketing offers you lots of worthwhile benefits: More customers. More customer proximity. New customer groups. More sales. A best possible corporate image. An employer of choice. A most efficient internal communication. A future-oriented knowledge management.

Don’t be modest and demand for the best social media marketing, leveraging all opportunities of social media for your company.

Awareness and visibility–in close contact with your customers

Up from that moment you’re communicating with your customers in the public web, your communication reaches the next level. Until now, your customer contacts have been focused on events, call centers, email or direct conversations, all in a non-public environment. If your company is starting the social communication with prospects, customers or influencers, this is in front of the eyes of the internet world. This is, why your company should be enabled to react and communicate in a targeted, reliable, authentic, competent, high-quality way, and fast at any time. Details of the sender included. Flowery marketing slogans, unsustainable promises or emotional reactions are an absolute no go and can damage your company’s image and reputation.

The Digital Consulting Experts are your proven and experienced partners when it comes to social media marketing. We analyze exactly the specific advantages and risks for your company develop a tailored master plan and derive social media measures accordingly for your company’s social media marketing. We execute the campaigns, train your staff, implement reporting and controlling tools including a dashboard and be at your side at each step. Together with the Digital Consulting Experts you can gain a maximum of social media marketing benefits without risky and expensive web adventures.

Leverage the full power of social media marketing!

  • We improve your search engine results and your ranking (SEO, SEM/SEA)
  • We increase the number of visitors to your website
  • We optimize the awareness of your company at your target groups (quality content)
  • We strengthen your corporate image (reputation management)
  • We implement new marketing and sales channels (blogs, forums, communities, networks)
  • We create targeted online advertising campaigns (display advertising, Google AdWords, landing pages)
  • We train your staff in social media communication
  • We implement new internal communication channels for an efficient, cross-functional knowledge management
  • In close cooperation with you, we develop social media guidelines and define roles and processes for an efficient and successful social media marketing
  • We take care of a social media monitoring with qualitative reports on a regular basis to keep you up-to-date with all campaigns at any time