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Digital Strategies

Trust in the bridging experts: We will lead you from the analogue to the digital world. Step by step, customized for your company.

The Digital Consulting Experts are characterized by the fact that, for 15 years, they have continuously worked at the forefront of the latest technology for tech icons. With technological competence and market intelligence, they work closely with companies as a knowledgeable partner, providing them with expert advice on strategic alignment and implementation.

Do you want to gain an overview of the possibilities digital transformation has to offer? Perhaps you are already planning your initial steps? Are you already in the process of transformation and require experienced change managers to turn your employees into passionate co-drivers of change? Do you wish to network your products and services in the Internet of Things (IoT), or want to optimize your production, logistics, and customer service using digital processes? Or perhaps you wish to utilize the possibilities of digital marketing and implement marketing automation to streamline your marketing department? Do you wish to operate your communications in an omnichannel fashion, or perhaps require premium specialist content for B2B target groups from the high-tech industry? If so, the Digital Consulting Experts are exactly what you are looking for.

Orchestration of latest digital technologies is key. And change management.

After all, this goes beyond simply mapping a business process using IT — it is about coordinating the interaction, the orchestration of a wide range of different digital technologies which enable entirely new business models if chosen wisely: Software and hardware (i.e. classic and agile and/or bimodal IT), cloud solutions, infrastructure (e.g. IaaS), connectivity, platforms, devices, sensors, VR and AR, robotics, applications, processes, big data, analytics — everything needs to lift the company to the next level in concert. Furthermore, employees should also be motivated to play a role as active co-designer, driving this change.

The Digital Consulting Experts offer 15+ years at the cutting edge of latest digital technologies, an engineering level management, best practises out of 1,700 projects and leading change management experience.

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