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Digital Consulting Experts: Detailed market and competitive analysis for strategic decisions in the b2b and technology markets

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Market Intelligence Services

Online Research–Market Research–Business Research–Internet Research: Market Information is Key!

The Digital Consulting Experts is your experienced market intelligence partner. You want to align your pricing strategy, develop and market new products or expand into new markets? You want to know whether your customers are satisfied with your products and services? Or you want to know, what’s going on in your market? We deliver detailed market information and provide you with market intelligence.

Online Research and Desk Research

We filter the relevant, valuable information out of the huge amount of partly senseless online data. Our research experts evaluate the sources and data, put them together to build the big picture and organize and prepare the data ready for the decision makers in your company to develop future-oriented strategies close to the market.

We provide

  • topic and trend screening based on high data volume
  • market research on industries, customer segments, countries
  • analysis of additional sales potential
  • customer perception in addition to traditional market research
  • customer screening
  • product and innovation trends
  • issue screening

Market research, market analysis and trend analysis

The Digital Consulting Experts are at home in the EMEA technology and key markets and well-connected. We advise global players in strategic decision-making, support companies in product portfolio and market strategy evaluation processes and monitor the markets.

For you we analyze

  • markets and segments
  • market participants
  • trends
  • product portfolios
  • customer segments
  • industries
  • purchasing behaviour

Market surveys

You want to know what’s on your customers‘ minds? What the business pains of decision makers are? Whether there is a chance for specific product innovations? Which trends are emerging? We are closely watching the markets for you and provide best practices in executing result-oriented market surveys.

For you we interview

  • target groups
  • customers and clients
  • market players
  • opinion leaders